Niural Platform

What is Niural?

Niural is a global payroll and HR platform that helps you hire and pay employees and contractors globally while adhering to labor laws and tax compliance. We help web2 and web3 companies with U.S & international payroll, taxes, and compliance all through one powerful platform. Whether you're a business, a client, a contractor, or an employee, Niural can help you:
  • Run payroll in a matter of minutes
  • Tax calculation, tax remittance in the US
  • W2 & 1099 generation
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Pay real time in USD, local currecnies or pay via continuous streams with our Polygon integration
  • Comply with international hiring laws when hiring contractors (tax forms, localized contracts)
  • Manage payment frequencies
  • Automatically generate invoices for contractors
  • Handle multiple payment methods in one platform
  • Integrated on and off-ramp