Niural Platform

How much does Niural cost?

Niural currently has three offerings: Niural Armor, & Niural Contractor Management & Niural Payroll
Niural Armor
Niural helps employers reduce legal liability as well as misclassification risk while hiring and paying contractors worldwide. With this product, Niural will hire the contractor and be your Agency of Record - assuming all the risks of hire for that contractor. If you use our Niural Armor product for your contractors, you will be charged $199 per contractor per month.
Niural Contractor Management
You can hire and manage your contractors in 150+ countries using Niural's contractor management platform. Upload your own contract or generate one using our template, set workflows related to managing contractors, determine payment frequency as well as handle local compliance documents. When you use Niural Contractor Management, you will be charged $100 platform fee + $29 per contractor, per month.
Niural Payroll
Niural charges clients based on the number of active employees and contractors paid per month. There is a platform fee of $100 per month, and a fee per person paid per month. The fee for both employees and contractors is $29/ month / member.
Let's look at a few examples:
If you pay 10 users once a month, you will be charged $100 platform fee plus $29*10 = $390. The fee is charged the first time you run payroll every month.
Similarly, if you pay 10 users twice a month, you will be charged $100+ $29*10 = $390. The per user per month fee is not tied to the number of times you run payroll.