Niural Platform

Niural Armor Employees & Contractors

If you are directly hired by your company, your Account tab will display the Company Name as your Employer.
If your employer is using Niural Armor to ensure international compliance, you will sign a contract directly with Niural as the employer. Niural acts as the intermediary between you (the employee/contractor) and the company you're working for. Niural engages with both parties using separate agreements. While you perform your duties at the company, you get hired and paid by Niural.
Why is there no mention of equity or stocks in my contract?
Since your employment contract is with Niural, any equity grants or stock options offered by your company will need a separate agreement between you and them.
How is the Intellectual Property (IP) managed?
Even though your Agreement (Employment Agreement or Contract Agreement) states all IP is due to Niural, we have an agreement with the company you work for through Niural called a Master Service Agreement (MSA). This enables them to receive IP rights for any work performed by you while working at Niural.
Does Niural provide equipment?
Due to compliance, we are unable to provide equipment to hires made through Niural Armor. However, you can purchase whatever you need to get the job done and expense it through Niural, provided you have gotten approval from the company first.