Niural Platform

What type of contractors can I hire?

There are three contract types you can use to hire independent contractors: Fixed contracts, Pay as you go contracts, and Milestone based contracts.
Your contractors can also be hired via Niural through Niural Armor.
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    Fixed contractors
This is an ongoing contract that pays contractors a set amount each week, every other week. semi-monthly or monthly.
This type of contract can be used for long-term work or recurring projects.
2. Pay as you go contractors
This contract is designed to pay contractors on the basis of hours worked. Based on the total amount of time a contractor or client submits, an invoice is generated. Any scope of work can be covered by this kind of contract.
3. Milestone-based contractors (Coming soon)
In this contract, the client divides the project into milestones and gives each one a rate. On the basis of the accepted milestone, the funds are disbursed. Short-term projects can use this kind of contract, regardless of the project size.